Moon Age Friday


We'll see. It doesn't seem very "moon age" to be active in the morning, though.


Raiders of the Dark Nebula
Robin Lea - Icons Assembled - 2pm-6pm
The dust of a dead star-god, the Tenebrous Nebula has sheltered many strange civilizations, but none as relentlessly expansionist as the Dire Wraiths. Since their awakening at the fall of the Ilkani homeworld, these shape-shifting techno-mages have terrorized entire star systems. Take the role of a starfaring super-hero in this mashup of Micronauts, Farscape, Rom, and assorted other space fantasies.

Triton: The Goldfish Incident

Tom K. Loney - Red Bat Spacers - 3pm-7pm
Come fight space-pirates and UFOs around Neptune! Neptune's moon Triton was once a haven to pirates and the alien marauders, the Others. Now that Jupiter Command has taken over the moon's bases, both are supposed to be a thing of the past. But are they?

Gimme Shelter
Beckett Warren - Crawlspace Deluxe - 4pm-8pm
No one believes you, they say you are mad. But you know things, things that would drive a weaker mind mad. But knowledge doesn't put a roof over your head, so you've sobered up and are heading to the Mission for the night. If you don't get to the homeless shelter, you might fade away, or worse! Part of the Moonage block. Keep your electric eyes away from me!!!


Doctor Who: Out of Joint
Robin Lea - Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space - 7pm-11pm
Swept into a twisted branch of the Time Vortex created by the nascent Time War, the Eighth Doctor finds himself surrounded by an impossible assortment of companions in an abandoned Dalek city far in Skaro's future. Or, more precisely, a maze of Skaro's possible futures.

The Wrong Moon
Tom K. Loney - Crawlspace - 7pm-11pm
Things at both the university observatory and at the county mental health sanitarian just went a little crazy. Just think about how the astronauts aboard the ISS feel when an asteroid appears out of no where. The moon is in apogee, what is that new star? It's bigger than any star visible, or even the International Space Station to the naked eye. Even with the astronomical event going on, strange things start happening on the Earth itself and to the scientists viewing it.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Inappropriate Mysteries of the Jersey Shore
Robin Lea - Bean! Homebrew - 11pm-3am
Take the roles of animated fast food products or one of their neighbors in this off-the-rails RPG based on the late night cartoon.

Full Moon in Grimhaver
Tom K. Loney - Crawlspace - 11pm-3am
Come and play in a gothic horror movie. To quote the poet Gerdi Aus Plaank, Grimhaver is the city where "triangles hold whispers as their fourth leg to remain standing." This city is one of the more obscure gems of the AustroHungarian Empire. It's a great place for monster-hunters and mad scientists to find plenty of work as well.