Troll Hoot '07

A small, informal gathering for tunnel delving, movie watching, and socializing. We'll bring Wizards, Fire and Ice, and a great big pile of classic horror movies.

31 March and 1 April, 2007

Rodeway Inn, Miller Lane, Dayton Ohio

Picture by Matthew Kukosky

Game Events

Masters of Marz - art by Regis Moulun

Masters of Marz

The rogue rouge-colored planet traveling throughout the cosmos is on a collision course with Earth. It is up to the Player-Characters to discover the mystery that is behind this ill omen. Travel to "Marzoom", as its natives call it, face incredible dangers and behold a totally alien environment, as you try to save the world.

Written and GM'd by Tom Kopf Loney

Temple of the Sun God

The temple of the Sun God is located on the western sea coast, surrounded by miles of flat green grasslands with only a few patches of rubble marring the landscape. The stones are testament to a bygone era of evil, a day long past, when a city surrounded the pyramid, the city of Knor, the City of Sapphires. In those days, the city stood not in grasslands but in the Ariek desert.

An adventure written by James L. Shipman and GM'd by Tom K. Loney.


We're no strangers to small conventions, get-togethers, and what-have-you, but this may be almost as cozy a little group event as the time we met another couple to play Call of Cthulhu at a Red Roof Inn, eat pizza, and then walked around Columbus, Ohio looking for decent Irish pub. Here's what a travel club has to say about the hotel we'll be staying at...

"Stay here if you don't mind a set of shaky steps,musty worn out carpeting, very limited breakfast offerings,a general lack of maintainence of an old building,and sheets that won't stay on the bed EEECH!!!!!. However the low price was nice."

I dunno about you, but as long as the heater works, the water is hot, the rooms spacious enough, and the lounge is stocked, I can make it a 4 star resort.

Thanks to Outlaw Press, Matthew Kukosky, and Patrick McEvoy for use of the Temple of the Sun God logo and
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